2012 Phillies “March to the Postseason” Campaign [Poster]

Join the movement!

So…. our beloved Phillies somehow aren’t dead yet. Awesome! This is just pure awesomeness. In honor of this, I have started a hashtag campaign on the twitter machine I have a campaign we can all get behind…. it’s called #KeepCalmAndPapelbon. Phillies got the lead in the ninth? Not feeling comfortable about it? Well #KeepCalmAndPapelbon, for Jonathan Papelbon is among us and will will break faces, all while keeping calm. While the Phillies may or may not make the playoffs this season is still up in the air being 3 games back in the second wild card, I guarantee you we will be Keeping Calm And Papelbon-ing” on.

The whole concept for #KeepCalmAndPapelbon, came to me while watching the futility that was or is the Phillies bullpen. At one point, they couldn’t even get the game (and lead) to Papelbon right. It was is frustrating to watch.  The whole keep calm part was, the idea. Keep calm and the game will eventually get to Papelbon. And of course “and Papelbon” was the only logical choice. I mean, “Keep Calm and Throw Strikes”? My friends at [Philly sports blog] Upon Official Review had that one on lockdown. “Keep Calm and J-Roll”? Eh… sounds good, but just doesn’t have that same ring. So I landed on “Keep Calm and Papelbon”. I guess you could call this propaganda… I don’t know, I’m not a government official. I am just a fan, but that said… if the Phillies want this, they can have it.

It’s because we survived the battle of Houston’s Hill, and rolled through the battle of Bernie Brewer’s Slide. And lived through the collapse, resurrection, and ultimate piss-poorness of the bullpen. (Writer’s note: GOD DAMN OUR BULLPEN SUCKED THIS SEASON.) And yet… we are only 3 games back! Borrowing a quote from the Legendary NHL coach, Fred Shero.

Win together today and we walk together forever.

UPDATE: t-shirts were in the process of being made available to buy online, but communist MLBPA and soviet MLB, slammed them down😦

10 Reasons Why You Should Follow Michael Schlact on Twitter

10. He has a lovely wife.

9. At 6’10” he could dunk on you and LeBron. But he doesn’t cause he is a good guy.

8. He interacts with the fans on twitter

7. Him and Ben Bowman have great banters on twitter.

6. Always has the best advice tweets.

5. He’s kind of a big deal. No seriously, he’s 6’10”

4. He plays baseball for a living, you can’t get much better than that.

3. People look up to him. No, they actually look up to him!

2. He has finally seen Dumb and Dumber.

and my number 1 reason why you should follow Michael Schlact on twitter is…

1. When Blink 182 sings “All The Small Things” when hes in the audience, they have to sing “Mostly the Small Things”.

In all seriousness, give him a follow. He is one of the best athletes to follow on twitter. He interacts with the fans; he tweets about his career, his lovely wife, and advice. He is on the journey to the majors.

Wilson Ramos Rescued!

After 36+ hours (probably closer to 48), Wilson Ramos has been freed. This is amazing. According to the Venezuelan Information Minister, Ramos was found safely in Montalban, a mountainous region of the Carabobo state. Ramos, whose hometown is Santa Ines (located in Carabobo) was rescued roughly ten minutes away from the very same car that was used to transport him.

Another picture of Ramos courtesy of @rafaelrojasc

The Venezuelan Internal Affairs minister reported that the authorities had three kidnappers in custody so it was presumed this was a rescue operation and ransom was not involved. One of the kidnappers was said to be a Columbian “linked to paramilitary groups and to kidnapping groups”.

Fear and worry gave way to an outpouring of emotion and joy late Friday night when the Venezuelan authorities informed Ramos‘ family that they had rescued the 24-year-old and would be bringing him home shortly. As the news spread across Venezuela and the world, it was announced inside the ballparks of the Venezuelan Winter League over the public address systems – which ignited pandemonium.

Chants of “Wil-son!” “Wil-son!” broke out in the ballparks and the same could be heard over the phone during an interview conducted outside of the Ramos family home.

According to a source: Ramos, had recently purchased a new home for his family in a much more affluent area of Valencia and they were planning to move into there Dec. 1. According to a source with knowledge of the family’s plans, they were packing their current house – which is in a much poorer area – in the days leading up to Ramos‘ abduction. It is believed that Ramos and his family will need bodyguards after this incident. Several of the more prominent and wealthy Venezuelan baseball players like Melvin Mora and Miguel Cabrera, a good friend of Ramos, travel with four and five bodyguards at all times when they are in Venezuela, in fear of falling victim to something like this.

Picture of the recent rescued Ramos, courtesy @rafaelrojasc on twitter

Anyway, Wilson Ramos is safe and unharmed and with his family now, which is all that matters. I thank you God for watching out for Wilson Ramos.

The Guardian of Home

Over the course of one’s life, we experience many highs and lows. From first kisses and first born to experiencing heart break and suffering. These little events create who we are as people. There is something that I never want to experience and that’s the pain of being kidnapped. I have only heard stories about people who were kidnapped in South and Central America and over in Europe and Asia. It obviously is not a pleasant experience, and one that I don’t want to ever feel. Majority of us are lucky to avoid all the pain and suffering of being kidnapped. Some of us however, aren’t as lucky.

On Wednesday November 9th 2011, at roughly 6:30 pm Venezuelan Standard Time (7:30 pm Eastern) a catcher for the Nationals was at his home in Venezuela, when armed, masked gunmen stormed his house and abducted him. The catcher’s name is Wilson Ramos, he was acquired by the Nationals from the Twins for closer Matt Capps about a year or two ago. He it .267 last season for the Nationals, and played in enough games to earn the MLB minimum ($425k+).

Why he was kidnapped is unknown, but most likely because he is considered “famous” in his home. Ramos being kidnapped, is part of a lucrative business in Southern America called “El Expreso Secuestro” or “The Kidnapping Express“. Experts define these  as operations that last less than 48 hours and involve smaller ransoms than long-term kidnappings. They are a growing phenomenon in this South American nation [Venezuela], which now records more kidnappings than Colombia or Mexico.

The secuestro express originated in Mexico City where armed robbers would march victims to ATMs and force them to withdraw their savings. It has become the preferred method for criminals in Venezuela who now drive their victims around the city while the family scrambles to put the ransom money together. Kidnappers typically settle for ransoms of about $25,000, a relatively small amount compared to long-term kidnappings, which can fetch ransoms of up to $2 million. But Venezuelan kidnappers prefer the secuestro express because it implies less risk and less investment. [A long-term kidnapping] requires having a person hidden in a place, you need to have a budget for food, you need to have someone guarding them all the time and it gives the police time to react and find them too…

Right now the first 24+ hours have come and gone with no word on the status of Ramos. The news of Ramos’ kidnapping broke on twitter at about 8 pm EST on Wednesday night, but it didn’t reach ESPN’s desks until the wee hours of Thursday morning because of Penn State’s issues. Now there is a time and place to debate whether or not you believe whatever the hell happened in Penn State, but this isn’t it. I could care less, if Joe Paterno was fired or not. If spoiled college students want to destroy the town the college is in because the Univeristy sacked their football coach? Fine. But come on ESPN, that’s not the only thing happening in sports that night!

Where was Wilson Ramos’ press coverage? Do we as a society value an 87 year old head football coach at a D-1 school higher than we do a 20-something baseball player, no, another human being getting abducted from his house? I guess the past couple of days, I got my answer. We are flawed as a society to believe that big business (College Sports) trumps all and everything else, even if it’s the life or lives of other less important human beings 9the 20-something baseball player or children who were molested)

I realize that not everyone who reads this site is a Christian or believes in God and I don’t know if Ramos is a Christian or not, but I am going to give some verses from the bible.

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? Though an army encamp against me, my heart shall not fear; though war rise up against me, yet I will be confident. (Psalm 27: 1, 3)

Now all that said, please… please pray for the safety and well-being of Wilson. Pray for his family and his teammates in the Nationals organization and his winter ball club. Keep them in your thoughts and hearts.

We make not always see eye-to-eye. We may not like each other sometimes. We definitely don’t like each other’s teams.  But we are united under one banner: baseball. We are all family, regardless of team. Finally, may Wilson be safely returned to his teammates and most importantly his family.

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OWNAGE & PWNAGE by Ryan Howard.

WARNING: Females will become pregnant


Picturesque Recap! Phillies win! Simple Game 1 recap


A gusty performance from Doc gives the Phillies a 1-0 lead over the Cardinals in the NLDS.

See what I mean? Simple. Oh and this:


Introducing: “Howarowned” aka, OWNAGE from Howard

This picture is this week’s: “CAPTION THIS!”  Come up with a better caption than the one on there and yours will be featured!

NLDS Preview: St. Louis vs. The Phillies.

After a wild and crazy night of baseball which featured one team being eliminated on a walk-off and one advancing on a walk-off, we finally have the eight (8) teams that will be in the Playoffs. Each of the four (4) games that matter last night all ended with in a 90 minute time span. But let me give you the brief summary:

  • St. Louis blanks Houston and Brett Myers behind Chris Carpenter’s 2 hit 11 strikeout complete game shutout
  • The Phillies crush the remaining playoff hopes of the Braves in 12.

Atlanta eliminated. St. Louis is your National Wild Card champ for 2011.

  • Baltimore battles back to walk-off on the Red Sox in the bottom of the ninth by going: strikeout, strikeout, double, double, single to beat Papelbon and eliminate the BoSox.
  • In Tampa, Longoria and Dan Johnson eliminate a 7-0 hole to come back and walk-off on the Yankees and walk-off into the playoffs.

Boston eliminated. Tampa Bay is your American League Wild Card for 2011.

Here is a nifty timeline made by ESPN to recap the wildness of last night:


If you to see the full image, click this link to go to the ESPN article. So to recap:

  • Cards win and are in
  • Braves lose and are out
  • Rays win and are in
  • Boston loses and are out

Phew. So much craziness. And I found some pictures to describe the craziness.

The first one is from The Fightins (aka TheFightins.com):

The second image is from Some E-Cards:

Another one I found on one of the many Social Networking sites:

and lastly… my personal favorite courtesy of Team To Beat or someone on twitter…

(All pictures belong to their respective owners. I do not own these pictures. I do not CLAIM to own them. Nor to I take any credit for making them. So calm yo tits, people. I am just giving credit to where credit is due.)

So here it is for 2011 my NLDS preview:


Prediction: Phillies in 3. Last time the Cardinals faced the Phillies, they faced the bench aka the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs because the Fightins had locked up the Division and by that point Homefield throughout the playoffs (though they’d later clinch that vs. Washington). The Phillies will be trotting out their opening day roster (sans the Ben Francisco in RF). With a lineup that looks like:

  1. Rollins
  2. Utley
  3. Pence
  4. Howard
  5. Victorino
  6. Ibanez
  7. Polanco
  8. Ruiz
  9. [Insert Ace Here]

It is going to be tough on the Cards pitching AND the Cards hitters. That’s why I am taking the Phillies in 3.

My prediction for Phillies NLDS roster:


  1. Halladay
  2. Lee
  3. Hamels
  4. Oswalt
  5. Worley
  6. Kendrick
  7. Stutes
  8. Bastardo
  9. Lidge
  10. Madson

I put Blanton in BOLD because I think Charlie will go with more experience here. Blanton has postseason experience. Herndon while he is serviceable, lacks the playoff experience.

Hitters/Position Players:

  1. Rollins
  2. Utley
  3. Pence
  4. Howard
  5. Victorino
  6. Ibanez
  7. Polanco
  8. Ruiz
  9. Schneider
  10. Gload
  11. Mayberry Jr.
  12. Valdez
  13. Francisco
  14. Martinez

I put Martinez in BOLD because Martinez can play a multitude of positions (2B, SS, 3B, OF), he can run a bit, and can cover more ground than Orr can. Not only that Martinez is a switch-hitter, so that pretty much seals the deal for Orr.

All that said: I am extremely excited to start the postseason. with this roster and this pitcher rotation, it makes wonder what if we had this back in the day. Once October rolls around every year I look forward to the postseason and the Philadelphia Flyers starting up. Man I love the Flyers. But postseason comes first. My first taste of the postseason with the Phillies came in ‘07. I was there on that Sunday, 9/30/2007. I watched from 102 as Brett Myers threw a nasty hook to strikeout some National and clinch the National League East/reach the playoffs for the first time in almost 14 years. I loved every minute of that game. I went to game 1 or 2 of the NLDS that year. They lost, but I still enjoyed it.

The next year I watched as Brad Lidge turned a double play to seal the deal for the second straight year in person. Then I watched Brett Myers work an epic AB vs. CC Sabathia and then watched as Shane Victorino took CC for a bases loaded ride. A grand slam. The stadium was going absolutely flipping nuts. I went to Game 2 of the NLCS. I watched in amazement as Brett Myers knocked Chad Billingsley out of the game with epic at-bats. I watch them win the World Series at home.

2009 I again watched them clinch for the third straight year in person. I was heartbroken as I watched the Yankees clip the Phillies in the World Series.

2010 I watched Roy Halladay clinch the division in D.C. (from the comfort of my house). I watched as Roy Halladay just dismantled the Cincinnati Reds. Hitter after hitter I watched go down swinging, looking, flailing uselessly. Doc was merciless. I jumped when he threw that no-no. But I’d give back the no-no for a trip to a World Series last year. I was shellshocked when we lost to that rodeo clown Cody Ross and douchebag Brian Wilson.

Now this year, 2011, could be the best postseason ever for the Phillies. I am flat out, motherflipping, PUMPED THE HECK UP for the NLDS to start! But first I got a Temple football game to attend on Staturday!

I live for this!



Sunday Afternoon [Show] Stopper… it’s Doctor Halladay to the Rescue



For the Mets:

Mike Pelfrey: 7-12, 4.58 ERA



Let’s Play Two: Saturday Doubleheader Madness

It’s Saturday and it rained last night up in Queens, so the Phillies and Mets got rained out. We get a split day-night doubleheader tomorrow. Oh boy, lucky us! Same pitchers will be on the mound for game 1, that was supposed to be played last night.

Game 1 (1:10 PM):




Game 2 (7:10 PM):



Players to watch:

  • R.A. Dickey, SP, NYM
  • Joe Blanton, SP, PHI
  • David Wright, 3B, NYM
  • Carlos Ruiz, C, PHI